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What Inspired me to write poetry and then rap?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Poetry and Rap, the latter i class as an extension of the former. The latter be it spoken word with music and a slightly different sets of rules regarding delivery but nevertheless in my opinion an extension of the former. Why have i started off this blog with that statement, well mainly because when you break down poetry and rap, it boils down to forms of expression.

That is what Poetry and Rap allows me to do more than any other experience in my life. Whether my state of mind is reflective, boastful, vulnerable, scared, excited, I am able to manifest the emotion to paper through Poetry and Rap.

So my inspiration came from seeing and hearing rappers express themselves and articulate themselves in a way that was clever, unique and authentic and had meaning and relevance to their desired audience.

I wanted to be that person through his words, carefully crafted with leanings and emotions developed through the experience and journey called life, that inspires people to do more and do better for themselves regardless of their circumstances and their feelings, dont let it get in the way of your own success.

That was my overriding message also at the age i started writing i had a lot of anger inside which i wanted to get out and writing was a great way to channel that energy and learn about my own self.

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