• AniJAH

Seduced by Madness

Updated: Nov 19, 2018


In my moment of sadness

i reminisce about the good times

sweet gladness

catching heat from the light

as i was living in the the darkness

Has the world gone mad?

it's like i can feel the badness

Or is it just me

That feels bad?

Like Mike Jack

In his hey-day,

This is my day

And I’m bogged down

By yesterdays


Fuck this pressure,

I might just cave in,

I’m going off the railings,

Too many close shavings,

So I guess I got lucky,

Cocky close to the edge,

I couldn’t keep a pledge

Even if it meant saving my life,

That’s how I feel,

Confused between 

Fantasy and real,

It’s a big deal

To me.

I can feel the old blues,

Voice in my head saying

“Are you prepared for round two?”

Hoping that I lose,

It lights up my fuse,

Fucking up my rules,

How can I resist?

Without the tools

To persist,

In my resistance

I need salvation,

The persistence

Of temptation is killing me softly,

Like sex with an ill bitch,

I’m roughly

On the verge

Of desperation,

Still caring for my looks,

As I can see why the girls hook

Without the books and steady career,

I fear

I’ll be on low pay

For the rest of my days,

What’s worse?

I hate my job

And love my life,

That includes my wife and kids,


Let’s hope they ain’t got to feel like I did,

And see what I did,

And do what I did,

My life was sold at the lowest bid,

I guess now I know what cheap means,

Fuck how it feels,

‘Cause I’m still alive,

Thinking I was lucky to survive,

seeing the good die young

struggling with mental heatlh

hearing whispers

in the breeze

their tuned in to channel zero

contemplating suicide

killing each other on the streets

like a mass genocide

Man let me appreciate life

and silently to myself say

im grateful to be alive

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